If you’d like to listen to a sermon, click here to go to our channel of The Sermon Network. When you get there — you’ll be able to do a search for the speaker, the title, or date you want to hear!

Want More Information?

Sometimes people visit our church and they want more information because they’re prayerfully considering whether or not to make this their church home. We appreciate and value that process, knowing that you are seeking God for a right way for yourself and your family. To help you understand us better, we offer the following resources:

  • Click here for a booklet describing Our Mission and Vision.
  • Click here for our Statement of Faith, which describes what we believe.
  • Click here for information about OIKOS, our teen ministry.
  • Click here for a brochure about our Home Groups, and click here for a listing of our current home groups.
  • Click here for a list of our current Foundations Sunday Small Groups

Want to put an announcement in the bulletin?
Click here for a bulletin announcement form.

Church Directory
If you would like to see a copy of our current church directory, click here. If you consider Hope Christian Fellowship YOUR church, and you’d like to be included in HCF’s current directory, click here to get a form to fill out and turn in to the office.

Event Planning
Would you like to use our building or grounds for an event?  First, call the office to schedule your date. Then download this form Booklet – FACILITIES, print it, fill it out & return it to the office.

Would you like use our building our grounds for a wedding? Here are a few forms you need to begin planning that event. Read them carefully, then if you decide to continue, call the office to schedule your date.

If you’d like to have your child dedicated, click here for the brochure/form. Turn it in to Jim Bean & together you can schedule the date for the dedication.